Valid to Midnight Saturday 18 Aug 2018
Issued at 11:06am Friday 17 Aug 2018

Warning: NIL warning for COOK

Situation: A series of weak fronts continue to move across the area today and Saturday, followed by a ridge on Sunday. A series of active fronts move across the area from the Tasman on Monday and Tuesday.

Forecast: Strong wind advisory. Friday: Northwest 15 knots, changing southerly 15 knots late evening. Sea slight. Mainly fine, but fair visibility in showers with southerly. Saturday: Southerly 15 knots, rising to 25 gusting 35 knots for a time in the morning,then easing to variable 5 knots late evening. Sea becoming rough for a time in the morning. Fair visibility in showers, possibly heavy, gradually clearing to fine during the afternoon.

Outlook: Outlook until midnight Tuesday: Sunday: Northerly 10 knots developing morning, rising to 15 knots evening. Morning cloud, then fine. Monday: Northerly rising to 25 knots. Rain developing early. Tuesday: Changing southerly 20 knots late. Periods of rain.

Swell: Swell forecast to midnight Tuesday: For Wellington South Coast and Palliser Bay: Southerly half a metre, rising to 1. 1.5 metres late Saturday, then easing to 1 metre Sunday and half a metre Monday. For Castlepoint: Easterly 1 metre or less. Southerly half a metre, rising to 1.5 metres Saturday, easing to 1 metre Sunday and to half a metre Monday, then rising to 1 metre again Tuesday.

High tide at Wellington
10:12pm Fri 17 Aug - Height: 1.7m
10:39am Sat 18 Aug - Height: 1.7m
High tide at Karehana Bay
2:01pm Fri 17 Aug - Height: 1.5m
2:28am Sat 18 Aug - Height: 1.5m

Low tide at Wellington
4:04pm Fri 17 Aug - Height: 0.5m
4:31am Sat 18 Aug - Height: 0.5m
Low tide at Karehana Bay
8:03pm Fri 17 Aug - Height: 0.5m
8:33am Sat 18 Aug - Height: 0.5m