Valid to Midnight Monday 14 Oct 2019
Issued at 6:56am Monday 14 Oct 2019

Warning: NIL warning for COOK

Situation: A brief ridge of high pressure builds over New Zealand today. An intense low, preceded by gale easterlies, approaches the upper North Island from the north today, affecting the North Island until Wednesday when it moves away to the east. Another brief ridge crosses the country on Thursday,ahead of a low approaching from the Tasman.

Forecast: Monday: Variable 5 knots, but southeast 10 knots about the south coast. Becoming southerly 10 knots, but southeast 15 knots about the South Coast late morning. Easing to variable 5 knots about the harbour this evening. Sea slight. Fine weather.

Outlook: Outlook until midnight Thursday: Tuesday: Southeast rising to 15 knots but 25 knots about the south coast.Cloudy, scattered rain from afternoon. Wednesday: Becoming southerly 20 knots everywhere early, then dying out at night. Low cloud, with occasional rain or drizzle. Thursday: Variable 5 knots. Northerly 15 knots developing in the afternoon. Cloudy periods, morning drizzle.

Swell: Swell forecast to midnight Thursday: For the South Coast and Palliser Bay: Southerly 1 metre rising to southeast 1.5 metres late Tuesday, easing to half a metre or less on Thursday. For Castlepoint: Southerly 1.5 metres, easing to 1 metre today. Easterly 3 metres developing Tuesday, easing to 2 metres Wednesday and 1 metre Thursday.

High tide at Wellington
6:25pm Mon 14 Oct - Height: 1.5m
6:48am Tue 15 Oct - Height: 1.5m
High tide at Karehana Bay
10:51am Mon 14 Oct - Height: 1.6m
10:59pm Mon 14 Oct - Height: 1.6m

Low tide at Wellington
12:12pm Mon 14 Oct - Height: 0.8m
12:43am Tue 15 Oct - Height: 0.8m
Low tide at Karehana Bay
4:47pm Mon 14 Oct - Height: 0.4m
5:04am Tue 15 Oct - Height: 0.4m