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Broken River

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FIELD OPENS 24 Jun 2018
Updated at
10:19am Thu 26 Oct
Last snow fall:
0cm on Wed 25 Oct
3 Hourly Detailed Computer Generated Forecasts
Rain and Snow Temperatures Wind

Canterbury High Country regional forecast

20 MAY
Rain with heavy falls about the Divide, with thunderstorms and hail. High cloud further east, with rain for a time in the afternoon. Snow lowering to 900 metres evening.
Issued at: 10:50pm Sun 20 May

Broken River computer-generated forecast
Max3°COvernight min-5°C
Total snow: 11cm
Total rainfall: 7mm
Wind at top: Northwesterly 80 km/h easing early evening.
Freezing level: Rising to 2400 metres afternoon.
21 MAY
Rain with heavy falls about the Divide, easing to showers in the morning. Elsewhere, a few morning showers clearing to a fine day. Snow possible to 600 metres in the morning.
Issued at: 10:50pm Sun 20 May

Broken River computer-generated forecast
Max-3°COvernight min-5°C
Total snow: 2cm
Total rainfall: 0mm
Wind at top: Westerly 40 km/h.
Freezing level: 1200 rising to 1800 metres evening.
22 MAY
Heavy and possibly thundery rain developing about the Divide, spreading further east for a time. Snow lowering to 900 metres.
Issued at: 10:50pm Sun 20 May

Broken River computer-generated forecast
Max1°COvernight min-6°C
Total snow: 31cm
Total rainfall: 5mm
Wind at top: Northwesterly 80 km/h easing mid-afternoon.
Freezing level: Lowering to 1400 metres evening.
23 MAY
Showers about the divide, some heavy and possibly thundery at first. Snow above 800 metres. Mainly fine elsewhere. Gale southwesterlies.
Issued at: 11:22am Sun 20 May
24 MAY
Showers, some heavy with thunderstorms possible. Snow 800 metres. Gale or severe gale westerlies easing.
Issued at: 11:22am Sun 20 May

Broken River computer generated extended forecast

25 MAY
Rain, clearing around midday to partly cloudy weather. Northwesterlies.
Issued at: 5:48pm Sun 20 May
26 MAY
Rain. Not much wind.
Issued at: 5:48pm Sun 20 May

Days 1-5 are mountain region forecasts for Canterbury High Country produced by our team of meteorologists.
Days 6-7 are site-specific forecasts for Broken River ski field which have been automatically generated by MetService's computer weather modeling system and have not been moderated by our team of meteorologists.

Facilities, snow base, field and road status data is supplied from the mountain by SnowHQ

Severe Weather Information for Broken River Ski Field