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Broken River

show full reporthide full reportUpdated: 5:47am Wednesday 19 Sep 2018 - Hope everyone is hungry this week because we've got a big ol'... feast of fun for ya'll! Start it off with the gear shuttle that's running at 9am from the car park, then get into the main course of spring conditions under sunny skies. A little firm at first, but starting to soften in the sun as the day goes by. Top it off with a beer or two on the deck, listening to some tunes. Now that sounds like a tasty treat to me! Om nom nom nom! And it doesn't end there because we've got more planned later in the week as well. Night skiing Friday is on! Come get in on the last night skiing event of the season followed by a beach party weekend. Bring your best beach apparel and get in some activities to get yourself ready for summer which is just on the horizon. More details to follow but it's sure to be a great time! We're still looking for a musical act for the weekend, so if anyone is keen to play some live music this weekend for free skiing and accom, then contact us on FB or The Tram is still down, so bring your tramping boots for an invigorating walk up the beech forest to the ticket office. The access tow is a little tricky, so only experienced rope tow users are recommended to tackle it.

Updated at
5:47am Wed 19 Sep
Last snow fall:
17cm on Mon 3 Sep
Upper snow base: 275cm
Lower snow base: 50cm
3 Hourly Detailed Computer Generated Forecasts
Rain and Snow Temperatures Wind

Canterbury High Country regional forecast

Fine, with high cloud at times.
Issued at: 11:55am Wed 19 Sep

Broken River computer-generated forecast
Max6°COvernight min-1°C
Total snow: 0cm
Total rainfall: 0mm
Wind at top: Westerly 30 km/h.
Freezing level: Rising to 2900 metres.
Cloud gradually increasing from the south. Scattered rain developing south of Mt Cook from afternoon, mainly about the Divide where snow lowers to 1200 metres.
Issued at: 11:55am Wed 19 Sep

Broken River computer-generated forecast
Max3°COvernight min-1°C
Total snow: 0cm
Total rainfall: 0mm
Wind at top: Northerly 30 km/h.
Freezing level: Rising to 2700 metres evening.
About the Divide, rain setting in from afternoon. Elsewhere, rain spreading north from late morning. Snow lowering to 1200 metres about the Divide.
Issued at: 11:55am Wed 19 Sep

Broken River computer-generated forecast
Max1°COvernight min-3°C
Total snow: 10cm
Total rainfall: 0mm
Wind at top: Southerly 20 km/h.
Freezing level: Rising to 2000 metres overnight.
Mainly fine, with cloudy periods increasing west of the Divide. Westerlies.
Issued at: 10:23am Wed 19 Sep
Showers west of the Divide, turning to rain with possible heavy falls. Mostly fine in the east, but rain at night. Snow lowering to 1000 metres. Gale westerlies changing southerly at night.
Issued at: 10:23am Wed 19 Sep

Broken River computer generated extended forecast

Rain, clearing around midday to fine weather. Light winds.
Issued at: 5:31am Wed 19 Sep
Rain. Northwesterlies.
Issued at: 5:31am Wed 19 Sep

Days 1-5 are mountain region forecasts for Canterbury High Country produced by our team of meteorologists.
Days 6-7 are site-specific forecasts for Broken River ski field which have been automatically generated by MetService's computer weather modeling system and have not been moderated by our team of meteorologists.

Facilities, snow base, field and road status data is supplied from the mountain by SnowHQ

Severe Weather Information for Broken River Ski Field