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Canterbury High Country

10 Day Forecast



24 SEP

Fine and warm in the east, with some high cloud. Occasional rain about the Divide, becoming more persistent in the afternoon, chance heavy south of Mount Cook from evening. Wind at 1000m: Northwest 55 km/h, rising to gale 75 km/h in the afternoon, and severe gale 110 km/h in the evening. Wind at 2000m: Northwest gale 65 km/h, rising to severe gale 85 km/h in the afternoon, and severe gale 120 km/h in the evening. Free air freezing level: 2600 metres, gradually lifting to 3000 metres.

Issued at: 6:36am 24 Sep


25 SEP

Heavy rain about the Divide, easing from the south during the afternoon. Scattered light rain further east. Wind at 1000m: Northwest severe gale 100 km/h, gradually easing to 45 km/h. Wind at 2000m: Northwest severe gale 120 km/h, easing to gale 65 km/h midday. Free air freezing level: 2800 metres, gradually lowering to 2000 metres.

Issued at: 6:36am 24 Sep


26 SEP

Rain about the Divide, clearing early, then cloudy periods. Snow down to 1600 metres. Northwesterly gradually dying out.

Issued at: 6:36am 24 Sep
Few showers


27 SEP

Cloudy periods, isolated showers. Winds mainly light.

Issued at: 10:47am 23 Sep
Partly cloudy


28 SEP

Increasing high cloud. Northerlies developing.

Issued at: 10:47am 23 Sep


29 SEP

One or two showers with light winds.

Issued at: 10:29pm 23 Sep

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