Snow Otago Warnings

Please note: MetService no longer issues the specific notices of "Snow Otago Warning" and "Special Weather Advisory". All the information that was shared via these channels is currently shared in MetService's existing suite of Outlooks, Watches and Warnings, our media releases and the information we post on our social channels. If you are subscribed to either the "Snow Otago Warning" or "Special Weather Advisory", please sign up for our Severe Weather Watches and Warnings and subscribe to receive our weather news releases here. You may also wish to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This will ensure you continue to receive all the information you need.

No Snow Otago Warnings in force

If you are concerned about the possibility of significant snowfall in South Canterbury and/or Otago, please also check the Severe Weather Warnings page. It may be that the forecast or observed weather is such that a Severe Weather Warning rather than a Snow Otago warning is in force.